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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 23, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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lover. i'll let you maybe the call. that's it tonight i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here because we are always looking out for you. >> sean: the midterm elections are just 71 days away. former dnc chair dean slammed the obama administration yesterday on the sunday talk show circuit. take a look. >> people around the president have misjudged what goes on elsewhere in the country other than washington, d.c.. i don't think this is true of the president. but i think his political people has to spend time outside washington for a while. >> sean: ouch. he went on to take a whack at gibbs for his criticism of the professional left of the gibbs
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attacked obama's critics saying i hear these people saying things like he's george bush. those people ought to be drug tested, it is crazy. they wouldn't be satisfied if dennis kucinich was president. here's what dean had to say about that. >> i don't know if you consider yourself a member of the professional left that got secured by gibbs. >> i don't think of the left what gibbs was talking about with the so-called professional left. i don't though what meant by that. i think -- but that is a very small number of people. >> sean: wall this bettering -- all this bickering does not bode well. the "washington post" warned democrats earlier today that the national political environment is not only similar to what they saw in 1994 when democrats lost control of house and senate but could be worse by election day. unbelievable.
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joining me former clinton adviser author of 2010 take back america dick morris is here. i'm worried about one thing, peaking early dick. you have been ahead of the curve. we'll go through some of the senate races. it seems like the republicans are hitting on all cylinders. they are going to come out with their agenda items, something like a contract, which i think is going to help. is this too early? >> you ain't seen nothing yet. partisan trend is like a curve ball in baseball. it comes in looking like a fast ball. it only breaks when it is a few feet from the plate. partisan trend only really manifests in the last 7 to 10 days before the election that's when people that don't really follow politics begin to follow it a little bit and decide who they are going to vote for. normally, on year election that helps democrats because it is much more down scale, less educated.
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in an off year election when those folks are not going to vote any way it is people that are likely republican voters. it is your reagan democrats. you haven't seen the party trend yet. all we are looking at now is the conclusions people have drawn from the obama administration. it is gonna get better, for them it is going to get worse. i've been running around the country campaigning in 18 districts so far. going out for the republican candidates, talking about the need to replace the democrats. when i go, i them and read their polls and all that stuff. they haefrd their incumbent democrat. -- they are ahead of their incumbent democrat. a guy named barletti running against juror ski, 15 point as head. marino running against carney pennsylvania he's seven ahead. these guy should be behind
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with a chance at winning. >> sean: generic ballot, right track, wrong track? the president's approval ratings which seem headed now as a result of the mosque issue into the 30s we'll know that by the end of the week. all of this combined and everyone now making the comparisons that you were making, six, eight months ago this is going to benign teen 94 or better, means what? -- going to be 1994 or better, what does this mean? >> not only that the republicans won the house and senate but a new generation of republican politicians took office. an entire generation of democratic politicians were forced out. in the three things you just cited in poll data we are missing the fourth. obama's ratings are bad. but they are not that bad. he's not a 22% or something. when you look at this poll data and the generic ballot, you look at his reelect numbers. you say it doesn't correlate.
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he's doing far worse in each district than he should be given his approval rating. the reason is, congress itself is destroying itself. there's a group of voters here who dislike obama or his policies but mainly are antagonized by congressional activity. by the rangel thing. the waters thing. >> sean: health care, louisiana purchase. >> my wife eileen just told me staff in the house of representatives and in the senate, do not pay student loans back. the government pays it for them. >> sean: didn't know that >> the house of representatives last year spent 25 million dollars paying the salary, student loans of their staffers. >> sean: let me go, i'm running -- that will be big news we'll bring that deep they are week. congressional quarterly they look at -- for example, you got boxer behind, feingold, murray in trouble.
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>> and reid is behind. >> sean: and is behind angle in nevada. there's the most established leaders in the democratic party, the biggest names. you are saying this indicates at this point 71 days out of the election, what? >> that they are gone. they could stage comebacks their opponents could really make a mistake, but they are basically gone. what is the next realization that the establishment hasn't come to, is that linda mcmahon could defeat blumenthal the democrats nominate could defeat gillibrand. widen could hughes in organ. you may have 53 or 44 seats in in the house past 39, you looking at 50, 60, 70, as much as 80 democrats have a big problem do they put their money defending the 39 or try avoid losing 80? >> sean: i don't want people
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to become complacent. i don't think it is possible. i've also been out on the road. >> they are crazy. >> sean: i've never seen anything like that in terms of the energy people have. >> i was in ohio population 10,000, dover, ohio, 2,000 in the grandstands. >> sean: you are a rock star, dick. >> yeah, absolutely. tomorrow is primary day in florida. we've seen all these negative ads that say my opponent is a crook and such. this time it is true. rick scott did. it is very important. it is very important nabil mccollum win. >> sean: they are going to have a great ticket. ahead, pam bondi ahead for ag. and marco rubio a rock star and i think a big part of the future of the republican party. dick, appreciate it.
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tune in friday night we'll uncover the roots of the global warming panic and expose the signs that al gore and others have used to back it up. and incriminating e-mail exchange between the scientists that are trying to scare you. friday night, 9:00 eastern right here on hannity. don't go anywhere there's plenty more hannity still to come. david limbaugh is here with his new book, crimes against liberty an indictment against president obama. >> we are just trying to please our lord, nothing more, nothing less. >> sean: we go inside the weekend mosque rally >> a bombshell from rod blagojevich. he rattles the obama administration. hannity continues, straight ahead.
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blumenthal has becoming known for stretching the truth. he's done it again in connecticut. >> i'd never take any pack money. -- any pac money and i've rejected all special interests. >> sean: he has accepted $480,000 from pacs. his campaign says those comments were accurate at the time and have been taken out of context. where have i heard that before? twirl it... dunk it...
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. >> sean: my next guest says that president obama is running this nation into the ground leading the most destructive administration in our nation's history. david limbaugh is exposing what he says are the lies, narcissism and bullying at the heart of this administration and it is all chronicled in a new book, "crimes against liberty an indictment of president obama." joining me is the one and only my friend, david limbaugh. how are you? >> good.
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>> sean: not because we've been friends a long time this is the defining book for the election. >> thank you. >> sean: this is an indictment against obama. you say early in the book this is about a young presidency, meaning obama's presidency. already the most destructive in american history. explain. >> i hate to be melodramatic or hyper ball lick. i believe the nation is at a -- turning point we either go full blown toward social. marxism, statism or turn back and restore our principles. this upcoming election in november will tell the tale. i wanted to write this book to do my part to explore obama's agent , how destructive it has been for america and to analyze his personality traits and how those two things coincide to create a combustible, devastating combination that has -- will turn america upside down,
9:14 pm
bankrupt us, make us vulnerable to enemies. and i really think we've got to do . i believe book gives ammunition for people who want to convince their neighbors not to vote for this guy. >> sean: you do a lot of things. you analyze the psychology behind the president. i felt he was rooted in radical ideology. you say things that i know you know you are going to get hammered on. >> yeah >> sean: but i think are true. i believe the president has been purposefully misleading the american people. look how he argued immigration law, health care. you chronicle this. when you look at the big picture, why is the media missing -- not putting this together? >> media, as rush talks about, state run media. they are ideological now not news reporters. they are in favor of obama's agenda so they are going to disregard the things he does this is not the america i grew
9:15 pm
up in. this guy has taken over private companies. this is a guy who conroe screening the rule of law, allocates and pledges 140 billion dollars to the imf when congress specifically said, you cannot do that without our authority. he said, this is foreign policy, i can divert 140 billion dollars to the imf for wealth redistribution in third world countries. he can go after an ig for americorp because he uncovered fraud on the part of obama's friends so he fires him without notice. >> sean: this is really chapter and verse about mat man. about the administration. about corruption. about crony. . you say that he's not only hyper partisan but narcissistic and lies repeatedly. when you say this about the president people get worked
9:16 pm
up. how can you analyze him that way? i've found it to be true. what is it in the research that you did, which is exhaustive that proved it to you? >> well, i always felt and i think you felt it, ahead of time we knew who he was. who he hung around with. extremely liberal. record. he masqueraded as someone who was bipartisan, post partisan, post racial, and he was defrauding us when he said -- when he was telling us who he is. he got in office and quickly proved who . the hyper extremist liberal that we thought he was. he has proceeded to implement the not radical agenda. part of it, he's a narcissist but a different kind of narcissist than bill clinton. >> sean: in is an interesting distinction you make. we all know clinton was. >> clinton was the kind of guy that wanted adulation, garden
9:17 pm
variety, low level narcissist. he wants to beloved. i'm nazi collgist, rob -- consider i'm no psychologist, i think obama is a serious sophisticated narcissist in the sense that he's got these grandiose ideas. he thinks he's going to fundamentally change america and he's committed even if he's a one-term president. that's different than clinton who ran by polls. >> sean: you said candidate obama overtly cultivated a mess -- messanic image. >> he truly believes he is a god with a small "g." >> sean: is that why he's taking all these vacations? why he can circumvent the will of the american people? >> i think he thinks he knows better. so he can cram it down our
9:18 pm
throats and do what is better and achieve this ideal society as liberals think they can through the auspices of government. there's also the fact that he's tone-deaf. in addition to not caring what we think, he has no clue after he crammed obamacare through he said i'm going to continue to fight for the american people. 24% support what are doing and you are fighting for us. after the massachusetts senate race, he said i gotta talk more and all he did was give speeches. >> sean: love the title of the book. it is crimes against liberty an indictment of president obama. you break it into three sections. section one is offenses against americans. offenses against american institutes -- institutions and against america's general welfare and national security. what did you mean by offenses against america's institutions? >> i'm saying he has no respect for the constitution.
9:19 pm
it is a means to an end. ' points judges who will rewrite the law he will circumvent congress by having his epa declare carbon dioxide a toxic pollutant. he will thwart the secured creditors' legal rights under the law and favor the unions who are unsecured creditors give them 50% on the dollar. give the secured creditors, 20% and then slam and slander the lawyer and slander them aspect lay , when they are just trying to in their own rights under the law. he has no respect for the law. >> sean: we are just touching the surface this is a comprehensive. this is crimes against liberty. david limbaugh is with us. it is also the subtime an indictment of president barack obama. just came out today on amazon in bookstores everywhere.
9:20 pm
david we love having you. in my mind this is america's election guide. >> don't underestimate his capacity for mischief because you think he's a nice guy. he's harming america affirmatively. >> sean: plenty more hannity coming up. >> this is their way of saying we have the power to be anywhere we want, even on the graveyards of america. >> sean: new yorkers take to the treats6e-vk -- to the strees to protest the mosque. >> countdown of the best, worst and most controversial campaign ads of this election cycle. >> plus outrage after a football coach is fired over his anti-obama song. much more hannity, straight ahead.
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. >> sean: streets of new york city were flooded
9:25 pm
this weekend with opponents and supporters of the ground zero mosque. rallies took place sunday near where the 13 story 100 million dollars mossing -- mosque is slated to be built. our cameras were there. >> in the shadow of the world trade center site we cannot tolerate a mosque! the memory of this hallowed ground,lq those people who gave their lives on 9/11, will not be forgotten. >> we want to make sure, that the muslim community in the city, has the right and freedoms that everyone has. >> we are trying to praise our lord, nothing more, nothing less. >> this is their way of saying we have the power to be anywhere we want, even on the graveyards of america. >> can you hear me obama! this is andy from brooklyn, forget -- fuggedaboudit. >> sean: new poll shows majority of americans stand with opponents. 2% against building it near
9:26 pm
ground zero up eight points since july. only 25% support the project. the same poll reveals how closely people are monitoring this issue. i'lly -- 85% of americans are following the story in up in the news 34 percentage points since july. safe to say this issue is not going away any time soon. joining me pamela geller. back with us civil rights attorney michael gross. looks mad and we haven't started. i couldn't resist michael. >> you are right. i am mad. >> sean: get over it. >> he has no right to be angry. this is not a religious liberties issue. not a first amendment right issue in is a human compassion issue. >> yeah. >> don't be a civil rights lawyer now let somebody else talk. that build something not near
9:27 pm
ground zero that build something ground zero. that building was hit by part of the plane. 600 feet that not going to play. >> how about if it was a church would you object? >> that building is a war memorial and should be a designated landmark. >> you don't know what are talking about. >> it is common decency. three thousand americans were murdered that day in the name of islam. if you wanted to heal the nation, why would you do something that would cause such grief? across partisan lines, democrats, republicans -- >> take a breather. >> i'm breathing baby. >> how about stopping the bigotry? >> what bigotry? don't you dare throw that nonsense at me. i will not be quieted with that fallacious accusation. you have no right to accuse me of something i am not guilty of. this is a human issue.
9:28 pm
>> you are equating muslims with terrorists. >> no, you are. >> that's bigoted, racist that is fueling the flames of intolerance in this country, which is built on pluralism and tolerance. >> sean: let me throw something bout in. this goes into the liberal coverage in this case cnn, we'll put on the the screen they showed on one side of the screen protesters rally over planned islamic center in new york. then it has father coughlin defends nazi violence brief history intolerance in america. we have the wife of this controversial imam who thinks america should be sharia compliant. saying it is hate of muslims. and you have made the case that is not the case. >> not only is it not the case. i want to say something to the first amendment lawyer, freedom of speech, let someone speak. what is radically intolerant
9:29 pm
is the callousness and dismissiveness ross being is causing. where is the rep prosy? you -- you can't run a danish cartoon, a swedish cartoon i was set on fire. a little girl in seattle, a cartoonist who said -- there's a hair trigger sensitivity in the muslim world. with the rep prosy? -- >> what we need is a high road sean it is for to you turn around the way the pope did when he recognized that he branded muslims as fighting terrorist people apologized. went to a mosque. it was wrong. president bush asked us right after 9/11, don't blame muslims on this you know the catholics went through this when churches couldn't be bill. you know this is no way to
9:30 pm
treat people who all they want to do is pray. get to know them. join with them. >> sean: andy mccarthy said, forget about building a church or synagogue in mecca and medina people that aren't muslim can't go there. >> what do we want to do bring ourselves down to that standard? this is america. it is a place that teaches the world, i don't care what your opinion is, i disagree, but i will fight to the death for your -- >> sean: is that tolerance of the muslim world? >> i don't want them to be tolerant, i want you to be tolerant. >> sean: how many mosques are there in america? >> there are hundreds of mosques in new york city, thousands across america. you bring up the pope. did the pope not withdraw the convent outside of auschwitz because it was causing pain?
9:31 pm
we are talking about mutual respect. where is the respect? we are very tolerant. >> i want this opened up to the kinds of things that we learned in the fifth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade. be tolerant of everyone. sean and accept an imam that wants america to be sharia compliant? america was an accessory to 9/11 and all these other controversial statements coming out about him. >> you know we are now learning that he has been working for the fbi. he's been working for the united states government. we don't know yet. what we know is this, we better get friendly with each other. we better stop fighting with each other. we better stop dividing. >> we have heard him use the in the word. we have heard him call for the elimination of israel and we heard his wife yesterday on "meet the press" speak about
9:32 pm
cancer rouse anti-semitism. -- >> in the 60s when this country was on fire, put in fire out! stop it now! >> sean: some of them you have to see the ads to believe it that and our great, great american panel, coming up. c. ♪ an accidental touch can turn rdinary into sething more. moments can change anytime -- just like that. and when they do men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. alis for daily use is a clinically proven, low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready ytime the mome is right. tell your door about your medical condition and all medications, and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. [ man ] don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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9:34 pm
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with only 71 days remaining before the midterms candidates from both parties are trying get their message out to as many as possible. one of the most effective ways placing ads. tonight we'll look at some of the good, bad and downright bizarre ads. joining me from washington to help count them down republican strategist karen hanretty and former adviser to soon to be ex-senator harry reid, penny lee. i can help myself. this is my all-time favorite.
9:37 pm
opinion any, all the democrats they are going down the chute of air force run -- air force one to run from the president. >> announcer: attention passengers. we are ready to depart d.c. and go on my national fundraising tour to your home states. that's right i'm coming to your hometowns. with the president's approval rating at an all time low a lot of democrats don't want him near their districts. >> democrats are pushing back i think they are afraid. it is a three-day sprint from milwaukee to los angeles to seattle to columbus to miami. >> sean: penny, great truth in that, no? >> it is a very effective ad. really well done. one of the great ways to do negative ads is with a little humor that is a very effective ad the republicans are putting out there now there is know
9:38 pm
question a lot of democrats are separating from washington. >> sean: no, it is from obama >> they both are running from washington. the ones that are challenging saying they are independent. you saw that with sestak. today he had republicans endorsing him, chuck hagel endorsing him. he's trying to -- >> sean: real white wing republican there. karen this is the dnc this is driving me crazy. blaming bush, blaming bush. >> announcer: this fall, america faces a big choice. do we continue to move%çç forwad like democrats are doing investing in education for every child, manufacturing here at home, clean energy powering a new economy? do we put main street ahead of wall street? hold big business accountable when they've again too far or go back to the same republican policies that got us into this mess. this fall our choice is clear.
9:39 pm
>> sean: he begged for this job. karen, he's been president 19 months at what point does he take responsibility here? >> this ad is about one thing that is stirring up the democratic base. it is so demoralized now and will continue to be even further demoralized between now and november, they have to remind people look, president obama didn't do what you wanted him to do. you liberal grass roots throughout, he didn't go far enough on health care. he didn't go far enough on the environment, gays in the military, pick your issue but don't forget we still hate george bush this is the rallying call. at a time when you would think democrats should be enthused to go out there, they've got the majority, they've got the white house. this is a very depressed base right now. i think there's great concern among democrats they are not going to turn out for democrats in this election. >> sean: i think probably the most bizarre ad i've seen up to this point, you a vermont
9:40 pm
democrat freilich taking on pat leahy. remember the old spice commercials? this is bizarre. >> back up, where are you are in the 21st century, vermont deserves, what's in your hand, back at me, i have it, it is a pledge to serve no more than two terps because i'm not a career politician. the pledge is all the special interest money i gained and spent in my campaign, zero. anything is possible when your senator votes with his conscious and not his pocketbook. i'm daniel freilich and a prove of this message. >> sean: i don't know who is worse him or leahy. >> that is one bizarre commercial. there's one thing to be said for being creative that is over-the-top i think pat leahy and the voters know him well.
9:41 pm
they are returning somebody -- somebody who is riding a cow in vermont i don't think is going to resonate with those people up there. >> sean: this cycle is moving dramatically in the rain direction. >> absolutely. look, -- in the republican direction. >> absolutely the way they took control in 2006 and strengthened that majority in 2008. they had a strategy of picking off conservative democrats, voters, those voters right now, you call them blue dogs, yellow dogs, whatever you want to call them, they are so disinfranchised by the obama administration and what congress is doing. i think they are looking for fiscal conservatives and candidates who are going to go to washington, cut spending and get this deficit under control and assure the american people they are not going to raise taxes this is a great environment for us sean. >> good to see you both.
9:42 pm
thanks for being with us. time to check in with greta van susteren, pink tonight. >> greta: you are going to love tonight's show. marco rubio is here. the big day tomorrow in florida. behind the scenes with linda mcmahon, running in connecticut. and of course what is going on in mexico, ambassador bolton. senator rick sanatorium is here. california if you are going to spend ma much on a high school, don't come crying us to about going broke. >> sean: 570 million dollars. >> unbelievable. extraordinary. i think i want to go there. >> sean: i want to go back to high school too. greta is in 18 minutes. let not your heart be troubled our great, great american panel, next. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: tonight on our panel, former pollster for president carter fox news contributor pat caddell. republican candidate for massachusetts 4th congressional district challenging congressman frank sean bielat. former reporter host on fox sports hosts poker after dark big supporter of the troops, leann tweeden is back. thanks for being here. daisy kahn the wife of this controversial imam here is what she had to say. >> is america islam phobic are you concerned about the long term relationship between american muslims and the rest of society here? >> yes, i think we are deeply concerned. because this is like a
9:48 pm
metastasized anti-semitism. that's what we feel right now. it is not even islam phobia, it is beyond. it is hate of muslims. >> sean: maybe it is just her husband's controversial views about america being sharia compliant, blaming us from 9/11. >> possibly taking money from iran, saudi arabia and not condemning hamas. i have a problem with that. i don't think anybody even after 9/11, especially the great state of new york is islamphobia. we have questions about some extremists, islamic people, yes of course there are muslims who want to destroy america and our way of life. i think this issue of people being insensitive. if there were two crazy radical christians that bombed mecca, i think nine years later if we said can we put up a big christianity and hold hands and make peace, i don't think they would appreciate that. >> we are building a center
9:49 pm
you are big goted if you don't accept it. it is a funny world we are living in. >> sean: you are the democrat on the panel. let back they had the protests this weekend. rally over planned islamic center. father coughlin defends nazi violence under that brief history of intolerance in america. i guess the media has made their decision. >> i've been saying this, this issue over the first amendment. you look at this with the media. i have to say this, it is outrageous, what they have is people who ran from defending the first amendment, members of the press during the danish cartoon situation. who have acted as though since then they've been kowtowing to islamic the fear of islamic extremists since had the nerve to call the american people as
9:50 pm
they keep doing, bigots and racists, they do it all the time. just like michael gross you had on, one of people who spent many years helping to drive any sign of religion out of public square. suddenly, finds a religious principle he can embrace. unbelievable. >> sean: we are paying for this imam to go -- >> around the country and represent us. >> sean: why? >> 30% of the country in favor smarter than the other 70% of us. >> this thing rasmussen poll today about the mosque and it shows more opposition than there was several weeks ago. it shows the political class 68% in favor, you people listen to what you tell you. >> sean: how are the military responding? >> i think they are just average americans like the rest of the people being polled. look, we live from america, it
9:51 pm
is a great country we believe in freedom of religion, if you want to build your mosque be sensitive and don't build where muslims killed 3,000 of our citizens. >> sean: more with our panel, next. the performance of a mercedes-benz. maybe you don't have to settle for a minivan. maybe you don't have to settle...period. introducing the newly-redesigned 2011 r-class. ♪ ♪ if you're like my patients, you want to hear you've done a good job caring for your mouth. that's why i recommend a rinse like crest pro-health multi-protection it helps you get a better dental check-up. because not all rinses provide all these benefits. giving you a clean, healthy mouth. crest rinse makes the fference. so be ready for your next dental check-up. crest pro-health multi-protection rinse.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. somebody is tweeting leann saying she can out-throw me with the football. sorry, not true. i'll writing you back. we'll let her flow out. some congressional districts george w. bush is out-polling the ever so popular barack obama in democratic districts. your hoping this happens against barney frank. >> a lot of incumbents are running scared especially barney frank.
9:56 pm
>> sean: we saw what happened with scott brown. do you think you can take out dan beat -- >> absolutely. he's changed his positions about -- he gets religion. >> sean: leann you're meeting a lot of people on the road. i've never felt an intensity, i've been on the road last three weekends you are going to be with us in san diego. >> . >> sean: i've never witnessed this intensity ever in all the years i've been covering politics. >> we just talked about remember when we did san diego last year and the tea party movement when it first started people were laughing at it, who are these tea baggers? how it is a movement. i think normal people, when things like health care, the economy, jobs, affect you, you may not be the most politically astute person but you know it affects you. i think everybody in america
9:57 pm
goes my vote does count because we are a great democracy if i vote for him and take barney frank out it is going to change what is happening in my life. i think every american has got 10 so fed up with this huge -- gotten fed up with this huge government obama has created. >> 48% said the president was a extremist. 45% said they thought he represented the mainstream. this is the president of the united states. that has never registered before. >> sean: i hate to say but i was a little ahead of the curve. i think you thought i was a little bit over-the-top during the election. >> a lot of people called you crazy. >> sean: thank you leann. [ talking over each other ] >> beckel still says you are crazy, not me. you were right. >> sean: you didn't think i was. >> no. i think people are reacting to
9:58 pm
what happened with general motors, taking over the government, what is happening with the spending what is happening with push, push. a democracy, a president does some things that are unpopular. but presidents are also responsible for hearing their people, not dictating and shoving things -- >> thank you. >> sean: we just had david limbaugh on tonight. crimes against liberty the indictment against barack obama. i think what will become the rallying call election guide for this year. it just came out today. we just had him on. >> i'll buy it on amazon. >> sean: when you read this book, everyday there is some major controversy. >> they keep pushing the american people this is not -- this is a democratic republic. it is not something where you can dictate because you won an election. >> people are sick of it. >> they are tired of being told they are idiots. and tired of being told they are bigots.
9:59 pm
>> sean: those are the elite. >> listen i still want a party that still speaks for the common man that doesn't dictate to them the way we now have. it has been hijacksed -- hijacked. >> sean: wow, that is powerful. >> i think the republicans are brain dead but that's neither here nor there. but i have to stand up and fight my own battles. >> sean: were you doing so good. what do you predict happens? >> i think we'll take the house, the republicans. there's a good chance we are going to take senate. it is looks like it could go that way. i think the people, like you said the common man is so sick of being told what is good for them what is right and it is not happening. >> sean: you -- >> people who believe the country is in